Solar Install

Determining the Price of Solar Energy

 Determining the price of solar energy involves a combination of factors that contribute to its feasibility and cost-effectiveness. 

1. Initial Consultation:

    • Gather customer’s energy goals, location, and budget.
    • Analyze historical energy usage to determine needs.
    • Assess site conditions, including shading and orientation.

    2. System Design and Cost:

    • Design a solar system that meets energy requirements.
    • Calculate costs for panels, inverters, labor, permits, and materials.
    • Consider incentives and rebates for potential savings.

    3. Financing Options:

    • Present financing choices (upfront, loan, and so on).
    • Highlight long-term savings and return on investment.

    4. Proposal and Agreement:

    • Create a detailed proposal with costs and financing.
    • Review and finalize contract terms with the customer.

    5.Installation and Interconnection:

    • Install panels, inverters, and wiring.
    • Arrange inspections and approvals from authorities and utilities.

    6.Activation and Support:

    • Activate the solar system and set up monitoring.
    • Provide customer education, maintenance guidance, and post-installation support.